Enoch - Old Testament Patriarch, bearded and robed, ancient looking man from the Old Testament, slumps over his assigned duty of transcribing and recording with feathered quill, by candlelight into “The Book of Life”   as requested by the Creator/Great Spirit of the Throne

Angels of Paradise - Citizens of the Kingdom of The Throne...

Sandalphon - Metatron‘s 'Twin' Archangel, Patron Angel of Music, Cool looking Angel with harp-shaped wings, overstated costume colorfully depicting iconic musical shapes/themes

The Thrones Archangel Band consisting of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Shekinah; Sandalphon is their lead singer

Rockapella - Angel Choir consisting of alluring female angels accompanied bt harp(s) and guitar(s)

Gong Master - Musician of The Throne  uses a giant mallet to strike a "descending gong" each time the "The Voice of the Throne" is about to speak

Metatron - Archangel and Voice of the Throne.  Lead character will have various costumes:  Peacetime Patron Angel of Small Children (Modest tunic or toga pictaembroidered with gold and burgundy appliqués; Warrior tunic with cloak and cape, spear/staff and headpiece with metal tipped wings ready for battle; Lover to Lilith white tunica w/cloak, gold wrist and forearm adornment

Lucifer - Archangel of Beauty and Light  Radiant, Shimmering in Silver, white and blue, curvaceous and seductive wings, body, stance, both lounging and standing.  Perfectly shaved face, sculpted features, ornate footwear, Roman God Appearance, but young and attractive, and worshiped by angels of both sexes….the “Hollywood hunk” heavenly speaking.

Dark Angels - Lucifer’s Followers, Fallen Angels before the rebellion, and after losing the battle for the kingdom.  Before: clones of Lucifer, less ornate, less striking, but reflecting styles and accessories of their beloved leader after:  scorched dark gray and blackened wings, chains on neck and ankles.

The Archons - Fallen Angel Band  using skeleton , dragon, and serpent shaped guitars, drum head, keyboard skirting with skulls, flames and Satanic symbols

Satan - Lucifer Transformed into a devil, dark lord warrior; winged and fully armored in black leathers, weapons slung from either side, shield slung over the shoulder, exaggerated facial makeup 

Lilith - Satan’s Lover, Sorceress, and Dark Priestess, alluring, beautiful, and confident transforms into a sexually charged seductress of both Adam and Metatron, wears revealing costumes at all times, with adornments and sensual charms displayed amply and strategically in all scenes

Shekinah - Female Archangel of Liberation , fierce warrior capable of leading angel warriors in battle and ultimate victory over Satan's followers, wears both armored leather in battle, and flowing cloaks and capes embossed with symbols of peace and war ablaze in bright reds and metallic trim

Adam - First Man in the Garden of Eden. Before falling from grace, he appears naked (body stocking). After sin: fully clothed in stylized animal skin garment

Eve - First Woman in the Garden of Eden She is loveliness, beauty, and innocence all packaged in perfection...breathtaking both before and after the fall from grace, her bodice and skirt are laced with leathery trim with jeweled borders

Cherubim Guardians - Tree of Life protector angels, yet fierce and powerful in stature, armed with flaming swords of pure white beams of light glowing from the tips, wearing crowns and tunics trimmed in gold

Seraphim - Guardian Angels of the Garden and Tree of Life same as Cherubim, but different headpiece

Narrator - Male Voice (offstage) no character, will be introduced as himself at the curtain call