Characters of Metatron

Enoch - Old Testament Patriarch, Bearded and robed ancient looking man from the Old Testament, slumps over his assigned duty of transcribing and recording with feathered quill by candlelight into “The Book of Life”   as requested by the Creator/Great Spirit of the Throne

Angels of Paradise - Citizens of the Kingdom of The Throne...

Sandalphon - Metatron‘s 'Twin' Archangel, Patron Angel of Music, Cool looking Angel with guitar like wings, or guitar accessory.  Can be a “wilder” looking Metatron who represents all musical forms

The Thrones Archangel Band consisting of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Shekinah; Sandalphon is their lead singer, and they each are drummer, bass, keyboard, and rhythm guitarist

Rockapella - Angel Choir consisting of slick looking female angels lead by a male conductor, or mixed group would work as well…whichever is visually more

Gong Master - Musician of The Throne  holds giant mallet as used to strike the “descending gong” (Paul Winter Consort’s Winter Solstice performance at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC)

Metatron - Archangel and Voice of the Throne.  Lead character will have various costume looks:  Peacetime Patron Angel of Small Children (Modest/sacred tunic embroidered with gold appliqué; Warrior tunic with spear/staff/spear and headpiece with armor-covered wings hinted at, or metal tipped wings ready for battle; Lover to Lilith outfit revealing a manly look that would be muscular, manly, and less of an angel and more of a man, but still powerful and important air about him

Lucifer - Archangel of Beauty and Light  Radiant, Shimmering in Silver, white and blue, curvaceous and seductive wings, body, stance, both lounging and standing.  Perfectly shaved face, sculpted features, ornate footwear, Roman God Appearance, but young and attractive, and worshiped by angels of both sexes….the “Hollywood hunk” heavenly speaking.

Dark Angels - Lucifer’s Followers, Fallen Angels these have 2 looks, before the rebellion, and after losing the battle for the kingdom.  Before: clones of Lucifer, less ornate, less striking, but obviously emulating their beloved leader who has them all mesmerized to say the least after:  scorched dark gray and black wings, bat-like and foreboding.

The Archons - Fallen Angel Band  using skeleton , dragon, and serpent shaped guitars, drum head, keyboard skirting with skulls and flames

Satan - Lucifer Transformed into a devil, dark lord warrior, bat-like, vampire-looking, or basically a very mean and evil looking, yet still attractive in a sinister way

Lilith - Satan’s Lover, Sorceress, and Dark Priestess, alluring, seductive, beautiful, and confident. Also, transforms into a sexual prowess during seduction scene with revealing costume, and enhanced body features, make-up and hairdo.

Shekinah - Female Archangel of Liberation , fierce female warrior much like Joan of Arc, but can be an original characterization of a feminine, but powerful being capable of leading the angel warriors in battle and ultimate victory.

Adam - First Man in the Garden of Eden Before sin, he is naked (body stocking) or….can is wearing a transparent towel like garment around the waste ... After sin: fully clothed in animal skin garment

Eve - First Woman in the Garden of Eden She is beautiful, Lady Godiva –looking, perfect figure, Victoria’s Secret Model, but naked with body stocking (or gauzy see thru robe, very flowing, flimsy and faerie like.

Cherubim Guardians - Tree of Life fierce warrior angels, wearing headpiece/halos, holding flaming swords or laser swords

Seraphim - Guardian Angels of the Garden and Tree of Life same as Cherubim, but different headpiece

Narrator - Male Voice (offstage) no character, will be introduced as himself at the curtain call only

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