Synopsis: "Metatron and the Archangels of the Throne" This "rock musical" is based upon story lines from John Milton's "Paradise Lost" and the Old Testament’s Patriarch Enoch, who was rewarded for deeds as scribe of the “book of life”, to become a transfigured Archangel. Enoch, now "Metatron, Archangel" becomes the "Voice and Protector of The Throne". Act One recounts the Angel of Light, Lucifer, and his rebellion after the announcement of the creation of Adam and Eve and their "Garden of Eden” sparks his envy and rage. Now defeated in their failed attempt to take over the kingdom of heaven, the followers of Lucifer have become the "fallen angels" avowed to destroy the minds and souls of mankind as they seek revenge despite being cast into the fires of hell. The “Shekinah” Archangel of Liberation, along with Metatron’s twin Sandalphon, Angel of Music, battle the forces of evil to a resounding and victorious finale to conclude the first Act.

Act Two follows a seductive and deceptive path that causes both Eve and Adam to "fall from grace" through their disobedience, as well as their poor judgment in believing the lies of Lucifer, now transformed physically and spiritually into "Satan" along with his seductive and powerful counterpart, Lilith. They share the delicious joys of tricking both Adam and Eve, while summoning their demonic principalities to do their evil bidding. Metatron is deceived into opening up the “Cage of Demon Souls” to replenish the fallen angels not realizing that his mission to release the “Souls of Angels” has been thwarted by his infatuation with the alluring beauty of Lilith. The powerful music carries forth both messages of the "light" and "dark" while characters struggle to overcome the battle for their very souls. Through both ardent faith and passionate resolves, the story brings the audience to the brink of destruction, and back to redemption. Sounds of intensity will rock through battles and lost love in melodies that will not only captivate but haunt those who will be drawn to the origins of their own existence as well as survival through today's world challenges and disappointments.  "Reason will prevail, while tragedy becomes victory"! Two bands billed at the “Paradise Café”, “The Thrones” of the the faithful angels, and the dark side’s “Archons” will summon the rage of electric guitars and haunting harp together. Vocals will freely emerge from the deepest corners of each character for the first time on stage, on this level of song and sound, to notch up your musical palate to heights of heaven while the flames of hell will remind you not to look down!

"Metatron and the Archangels of the Throne" now ready to rock the skies, the earth below, and a theater that may have you begging for mercy at times, but leave you satisfied long after curtain. Welcome friends, and take heed any foes, you are about to enter the “Realm of Angels”, where anything goes!

© Copyright 2019 by Kean Roger Risko and Nancy Morgan Risko DBA Sound Script Studios. All rights reserved.