Synopsis: "Metatron and the Archangels of the Throne"

This "rock musical" centers around the Old Testament Patriarch Enoch, who was rewarded for dedication as scribe and keeper of the "book of life", to become the transfigured Archangel Metatron - the "Voice and Protector of The Throne".

Act 1 portrays the angel rebellion led by Lucifer, "Angel of Light" after the his jealous reaction to the creation of Adam and Eve.  Losing a fierce battle for control of the kingdom, the followers of Lucifer, who was now transformed as Satan, have become "fallen angels". Each of these principalities are sworn to destroy mankind, despite being cast into the fires of Hell.

Act II finds seduction and deception, which leads into the forbidden acts that will cause Adam and Eve to "fall from grace". Through disobedience, and poor judgement, they are now banished from "The Garden", and they find themselves shamed and filled with regret.  Satan and Lilith now thrilled with the success of their sinister plot, summon their demonic faithful to do their evil bidding.

The music carries forth the conflicting messages of good and evil as the characters struggle to overcome the battle for their very souls.  Through ardent faith and passionate resolves, the story takes the audience from the brink of despair and destruction, back to hope and redemption. Told through complex dialog and revealing lyrics, encased in powerful blends of both rock and traditional music, an age-oldstory is presented with new twists.  It will not only captivate, but haunt those who will be drawn to questions of their own origins, as well as offer insights that inspire hope for survival in today's world filled with challenges and broken dreams.